Welcome to PROFU

Profu is an independent research and consultant company in the areas of energy, environment and waste management. The company started in 1987 as an offspring of the research conducted at the Energy Systems Technology Division, Chalmers University of Technology. Since the start, the systems perspective has been a central part of our work. We still have a close cooperation with Chalmers.

Our clients are energy companies, waste companies, municipalities and authorities such as e.g. the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. We have also performed a large number of international projects on commission of e.g. Nordic Council of Ministers, International Energy Agency and the European Union. We carry out extensive projects with a large number of stakeholders as well as small projects with a short duration. We have a solid knowledge of project leadership and project development.

In all, we are 21 people working at Profu (employees). All employees have a university degree and the majority are or have been active in energy and waste management systems research. The company is owned by ten of the active consultants.

Our main office is situated in Mölndal, which is approximately 7 km outside of central Göteborg. Since December 2005, we also have a small branch office in Stockholm. If you would like to know more about Profu and our projects, please look at the list of company activity areas, or contact us.




Address (Mölndal):

Götaforsliden 13
SE-431 34 Mölndal, Sweden

Address (Stockholm):

Målargatan 7 
SE-111 22 Stockholm, Sweden



Mölndal: +46 (0)31 - 720 83 90

Stockholm: +46 (0)703 - 64 93 50

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Email addresses to our employees

For more information about our waste management projects please contact:

Johan Sundberg

+46 (0)706 21 00 81


Mattias Bisaillon

+46 (0)706 21 00 81

For more information about our energy management projects please contact:

Håkan Sköldberg hakan.skoldberg@profu.se

+46 (0)706 - 22 76 25

For more information about our transport projects please contact:

Ebba Löfblad ebba.lofblad@profu.se@profu.se

+46 (0)704 - 74 90 23